Wednesday, October 3, 2007

safe in His hands

Jesus began His earthly ministry in total dependence upon the Father. Through His submission to baptism by John the Baptist, to his 40 day fast in the wilderness, in all things He deflected glory to the Father, and learned to completely rely on the Father. One result of doing all things by the Father's strength was the legacy He provided us - - we, too, can overcome humanly insurmountable odds when we are in total dependence upon the Father. Jesus played out for us the truth of God's power being perfect in our weakness. He not only showed us that we can overcome in the strength God provides us, but He showed us HOW - following His 40 day fast, after being harassed by Satan for the duration, when taunted to turn stones into bread, responded with truth - the Word of God "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God". It is the Word that feeds our spirit, strengthens us, grows us, teaches us. True, we cannot live forever without physical food, but we cannot live forever WITH it either. However, spiritual food, the Word of God, timeless, true, tested and triumphant, will reign forever.

Another aspect of this legacy, is that Jesus faced every temptation we will experience -human in form, subject to the same temptations that we confront - without caving. I'm not saying this so I can feel condemnation for my frequent failures, but so I can wonder about this Jesus... so I can just allow myself to be suspended in that place of awe at what He did. Not only WHAT He did, but the legacy He provided the church in the process - since He lived life the same way I live it, since He faced temptation, discouragement, fatigue and grief - just like I do, I know He knows what I'm going through when I'm there as well. Because He laid down His life for me, I know that my heart is safe in His hands, and my future can rest in His promise.


Jen said...

Are you taking all of these pictures? Because they are really great!

Dinah said...

Hey Jen! Good to hear from you. Yes, I take all of my own pictures - except of course unless I give credit elsewhere - like the marine fish in the previous post. It is really hard to NOT get good shots when God has given us such an amazing creation to romp in, no?