Sunday, April 27, 2008

new normal

I have been wondering when life would return to "normal". I've finally abandoned that pursuit, and am learning instead, to settle for our "new" normal. Given the huge life-changes we've been through in the last several months, I believe it was naive of me to expect anything to feel the same again. But as God guides us on our journey, surrender to His will has never left Jake or I feeling we were in the wrong place or that we'd arrived at the wrong time... nor have we looked at where He placed us and didn't like it. We love our new normal. Jake's job is going great - he continues to love it. He returned to his desk one month to the day from the date of his bypass surgery. My new job started on his 3rd post op day. At the time I wondered about the timing and what God was up to. Since then He's demonstrated, as always, that His timing is perfect, even when it feels very awkward to us. Had I postponed my start date, there would have been some very difficult days ahead for me, when my supervisor was unexpectedly unavailable for three weeks - but as it turned out, I was sufficiently oriented and "in the groove" to work solo by then. And I love my job as well. My saying is "it is the perfect job for me"- for as long as the Lord keeps me there. But it isn't easy. Exhaustion has become my constant companion. Not sure how or what to do about this. But I'm very tired, and on weekends, I am exhausted from trying to get all the week's work done. And so it goes. That is why I've been so quiet lately - too tired to think, much less, blog. But I blog today in an attempt to reclaim more of my life. But it is now way past my bedtime (4:30 comes quickly) and I'll start doing face-plants in my keyboard if I don't relocate soon. TTFN

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