Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Not much time for blogging these days. Enough time to boast in the Lord's provisions, however. This morning I arrived at Karmanos Cancer Institute for my breast biopsy, following a series of mammograms and ultrasounds that apparently had some ominous findings. They proceeded to do another ultrasound then were to mark the areas for biopsy and whatever... we never got that far. The ultrasound revealed the findings, but they were now normal (for a coffee-holic such as myself). So a little more hunting, the radiologist came in and hunted, and determined whatever they were to biopsy was no longer scary looking, so I could get the heck outta there, which I did. So I drove home, having taken a holiday day, giddy with having a freebie day to do with as I wished. A few chores into the day I decided to head out to pick up birdseed. I no sooner closed the door behind me and realized the house keys were on the other side of it, having been disconnected from my key ring for valet parking... So I headed out for birdseed and called our friend Donna, who has a key to our house... who was available to meet me for lunch and hand off the key... I just seemed that everywhere I turned God's provision was there to bless me. We step out of bed and never know where the day will take us.


Elder's Wife said...

Hi Dinah-
It's been a long time since I've blogged or even read many of the blogs I used to. Your very honest post was an encouragement to me to again "engage the Word of God" and to allow it to transform my mind. The last couple of years have been consumed by my father's death, care for my mother, our grandson's fight with leukemia, my aunt's illness and recent death, and a granddaughter's current serious health issue.
I have allowed the urgent to gain a priority in my life that should have been assigned to God's Word and to His relationship with me.
Thank you for that needed reminder.

Dinah said...

Hi there - - so very long since we've communicated. I am hoping to use blogging to keep myself on track - - I was brought to tears reading your comment because it encouraged ME as confirmation that His plans for me still hold. I am sorry to hear of your trials, I pray the LORD comfort you as only He can, and that once you emerge on the other side, and are looking back at these days in the valley, you will rejoice in His faithfulness. Perhaps you'll blog your way back and we can share the journey. dinah