Friday, November 2, 2007

no time to loose faith

Lovely Lake Strelna in the Alaskan wilderness.

James 1:2-8

I heard something on the radio this morning that caused my husband and I to nearly gasp in agreement. This local preacher said it something like this: there are two types of storms in your life - those that change your direction and those that refine. Jake and I have been on a stormy faith-walk for about 4 months now - and this path has uprooted nearly everything we had for stability. At this point there are two areas that I celebrate stability in - my relationship with Jake is wonderful, and our decision to not sell our home and move. But everything else... is storm tossed at best. People I love are struggling with very serious issues that demand my help in time and funding, the severe economic storm in Michigan is not helping Jake find work, the cash saved for this time is dwindling, medical issues are growing, we denied a purchase agreement for the opportunity to sell our rental property because of some suspicions it aroused. The early hours are beginning to find me awakening to "what if"? But before anxiety takes root, I reflect on what the Lord has done so far. He clearly led Jake and I to sell our business. The details were orchestrated in such as way so to know that we know... The Lord was clearly directing our path. So now is no time to loose faith. Now is time to celebrate the goodness of God, the faithfulness of our Lord. It is time to cling tenaciously to the Word and The One it reveals. It is time to spend more time on my knees. But instead, I got distracted, and busy. As I tried to brush past this point with a very discerning friend, she cornered me with "you know Dinah, no one can do this for you but you". Once I got past being mad at getting busted by her discernment (it didn't seem fair at the time) I realized how ordained our visit was. How absolutely true and wise her words were. I had fallen into that cycle of being in the Word, but for purposes other than spending time with my Life-Source. I was completing studies, fleshing out concepts, seeking direction. But I was not lingering at the River of Life for the love of the Lord. I was not spending time listening. I was growing dry, and beginning to look to myself for solutions to the myriad situations confronting us. We are in a place in which the Lord is taking us by the hand through a mine-field. Trying to walk by sight now is pointless, and could be dangerous. Knowing better, I tried it anyway! How blessed I am that the Lord knows my need, even when I forget to bring it before Him. He provided the loving rebuke of a trusted friend, whose prayers I could feel the next morning as I dove in, and drank deeply. Now is no time to loose faith, but it is time to stand on it - to allow the Lord to perfect it, to look not to the circumstances but to Him who controls them, and trust that His plan is perfect, right and wise.


Yvonne's corner said...

Oh did I need to read brought tears to my eyes as I heard God speak to me through your words...I am so Blessed to have such a talented sister who writes beautifully what God puts on your heart with such honesty and humbleness! Thank you!

Dinah said...

I never cease to be amazed by our God, who ministers to one heart throught he words He lays on the heart of another. How wonderfully interwoven our journeys are, despite the miles between us!
Ecc 4:12
2 Cor 1:4-5
Love to y'all. ;)

Elder's Wife said...

Hi Dinah-
We are in both kinds of storms, direction-changing and refining, here right now...but we have seen God at work in wonderful ways.
FYI My parents are adjusting to their move to a Christian assisted living residence, and we thank the Lord for His work there.
Newest wrinkle is that our daughter & son-in-law & 5 kids, who are missionaries in the Philippines, will be coming back to the US because of his parents' health issues. They will need a place to stay for the next 4 months or so...and Grandpa & Grandma's house is now standing empty for the winter. Isn't God good? And wouldn't He still be good if they couldn't find a place and had to move in with us?
BTW How's the hand?

Dinah said...

Hi Kat!
How I appreciate you sharing your experiences of God's faithfulness -it really is all we really have, no? And yes, it is just like God to provide for your daughter by providing for your parents. We could never manage the projects like He does... :)
While I'm sorry your daughter must return from the field for something as difficult as ailing loved-ones, I can't wait to hear what God does with THAT! keep us posted, please. :)
The hand... is still quite painful and as a result we've not been doing much to build strength. I'm eager to be able-bodied so I can start hunting for work, but this is another of those areas in which I'm being taught to be still and know... We had approx 4 months worth of money put aside before we sold the company, and we're burning through month # 4 as we speak....
trusting His plan,