Sunday, August 5, 2007

angels' wings

Several years ago I was travelling out to a client's location in Rochester Hills. I was at the intersection of NB Southfield Rd. and I-696, where the RH turn lane turns onto the service road, and the second lane from the curb also has that option. I was stopped at a red light in that second to the curb right hand lane. The green arrow appeared, but I did not set out immediately, I must admit in that situation I was unsure if that green arrow applied to my lane as well. So I waited for the green light, and when it turned green, I proceeded to turn right, staying to my lane. From behind me a Cadillac Escalade approached in the far-right lane. Unfortunately I discovered as I was 1/2 way through my right hand turn, that he apparently intended to go straight, even though he was in an obligatory turn lane. I looked through the passenger side window to see the grill work of this huge Escalade, approximately 6" from the passenger door window. You hear of people's lives passing before them in those split second experiences of wharp-speed. Well in my wharp-speed thought progressions, I was analyzing the wheel base lengths, the near proximity of our vehicles, and coming to the conclusion that collision was indeed imminent. We had passed the point from which recovery was possible. Like the coward I can be, I closed my eyes and braced myself for the fraction of a second that remained before I expected to be hit broadside and catapulted over the rail into the expressway traffic down below. Well, I've seen the television footage of astronauts faces as gravity opposes propulsion, and they make these stretched out grimaces during take off. That was what my face felt like - but sideways, as my angelic legion came between my physical reality and the intentions of my sovereign God. In this millisecond, my car was moved sideways one lane, without impact, and the Escalade was moved sideways in the opposite direction - 3 lanes, also without impact, seperating our vehicles - placing us on opposite sides of the service drive, both pointing east on the service drive for EB I696. I remember sitting there with my mouth gaping open staring at the driver of the Escalade, who was sitting there with his mouth gaping open staring at me. Somehow this busy turn was empty for that moment, this involved no one but us. I wiped the drool from my chin, glad that it was the only bodily fluid I had to deal with at the moment, navigated to the right out of the far left lane which I had landed in, into the ramp lane so I could merge onto the highway and proceed to my appointment.

That night I emailed a friend, Renee, from a church I attended, and told her the story of how God saved me that day. She mentioned this to a mutual friend, Julietta, who then exclaimed to her that she had been burdened for my safety all week, and had been praying for me.

Hey, if you are the driver of that white Escalade, I was in the red '98 Camry. This was during lunch rush, I believe in the Spring or Fall of 2002. Wasn't it cool to be saved by wings set to flight by the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous woman??

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