Friday, August 24, 2007

road rage and twisters

I really thought I'd outgrown it. I mean, as my 4th decade draws to a close I was thinking I had achieved some degree of maturity. Today I have to re-consider that. What is it about this raging spirit that is so contagious? Granted, the raged-against driver was in the wrong, in several of her dangerous maneuvers, but still... The scary part is, I allowed the aggression demonstrated by a driver in front of me to act as an affirmation of my "right" to be mad too. There was something in me that rose up and cried "me tooooooo!!!" Now I wasn't as bad as in my un-saved youth... but I was darn sure once this person cut out onto the shoulder to pass the line of cars that had made their way around her roadblock she wasn't going to get in in front of ME. I have to even admit a feeling of glee when her escape was blocked by a road sign on the shoulder. That glee nearly cost me some body work. How stupid. And to make it even more pathetic, we were all trying to beat a tornado home. Heading into dark green skies, 4 sightings of tornadoes, supposed touchdowns... and I'm worried about making sure this person doesn't get away with cutting me off. I feel as if my flesh has just indulged itself in a feeding frenzy of rage and now my spirit's stomach is upset.


Yvonne's corner said...

Hey girl so I set up my own blog so I can make comments. Isn't funny how we can catch ourselves 'reacting' to the world around us?

Dinah said...

Oh my yes... I too often find myself either reacting "with" or "against" and in either scenario, I fail to love... be light.... and then there's LIFE - Jesus, beckoning, picking us up and putting us back on track.

You set up a blog??? I'm on my way..