Sunday, August 19, 2007

dedicated to the Lord

When Sarah called last night to ask if we wanted to attend Kaitlyn's dedication, my first thought was "so soon?", thinking maybe she should still be resting, and not out and about at only 5 days post-partum. But then Pastor said something that really made sense - "The first place the child is taken is to the House of the Lord." How beautiful!

During the dedication, parents are cautioned against taking too lightly their promise before the Lord to provide a godly home and upbringing to the children, and the grandparents and congregation are reminded of their responsibility to pray for the parents to raise their children according to the ways of the Lord.

Great-Aunt enjoys a moment with Andrew.

My brother-in-law, and their two great boys.

Andrew was making the rounds today! He is at the perfect-snuggly-toddler stage and willingly throws his arms around your neck to snuggle. Ahhhhhh.

Andrew is becoming quite the ham! Much to his grandmother's delight... ;)

Sarah continues to be one of life's joys for me.

Um, and ANOTHER ONE!!!!

Alexis continues to be the perfect big-sister, watching out for Kaitlyn (and Andrew) and filling Aunts and Uncles in on all the stats... like, Kaitlyn doesn't talk yet...

And Big-Sister is 3.... :)

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